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The Joke/Deranged 7" Single (Swamp Green & Blood Mixed Vinyl)

D2C Exclusive. Limited to 2500. 

This is a special release for Coheed and Cambria, a very rare standalone 2 song release. The Joke is a track that came from album sessions but felt better paired with the re-release and remix/remaster of the fan favorite, yet hard to find 2012 track, Deranged, which is a homage to the synergy between Batman and the Joker, and how every hero needs a villain. The Joke lives in its own lane with this other rare track, and we felt it was a great bridge between the band’s most recent album, Vaxis 2: The Window of the Waking Mind, and their yet to be announced follow up album coming soon on Virgin Music.

Note: Digital mock-up picture may look different than final product.

Limited to 2 per customer.